A little about us

Janoct leverages new and emerging software technologies related to Big Data processing,  Distributed Search, and Cloud Computing to improve system data processing architectures. Janoct provides an all-encompass offering that includes the planning, design, development, implementation, and management of highly effective IT environments.

Our experience within the Intelligence Community has enabled us to understand, adapt, improve data services delivery, and search capabilities that have aided in identifying threats. Our technical expertise includes continuous evaluation and integration of evolving technologies. Integration of evolving technologies includes open-source standards, which are Hadoop, Map/Reduce, Accumulo, Cassandra, Spark, SOLR/Lucene, Zookeeper, HTML5/CSS/JavaScript, RESTful web services, scalable reactive event-driven applications, Ozone Widget Framework (OWF), and other similar server and client base technologies into various prototypes.

Why hire us?

Our practical experience within the Intelligence Community (IC) has enabled us to learn and provide measurable IT solutions with great success to our client and partners.

Our greatest asset is our employees and stated often with good reason. Since our reputation is at stake, we stand behind our people and our work every single day.

We succeed on purpose.

Our mindset with open-source software is to leverage technologies to solve complex problems and improve data processing and system performance. Our mission is to aid our clients to achieve their goals and find innovative methods that improve legacy systems in processing and analyzing data in real-time for the war-fighter. The use of open-source software has enabled us to design, implement, and deploy innovative solutions to the Defense, Intelligence, and Homeland Security communities.

We are great at

Distributed Indexing

System and Data Integration



Apache Solr

Apache Lucene Library

Apache Zookeeper

Apache Accumulo

Apache Hadoop Ecosystem

Apache Spark

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Our Clients